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Woodworking at the Farm Day Services

As well as all the other activities on the farm we also have a thriving wood working shed. Over the years the people attending our day service have been able to craft a wide range of items of items and are always looking for new projects to get their ‘teeth into’

The wood we use is donated from all different sources including donations from one of our local builders’ merchants: Countryside Construction as well as just re cycling wood we have already on the farm. Anyone that attends day services can get involved be that chopping up wood for kindling (which often goes home with them) to making up bird boxes, welly boot jacks and bigger projects such as raised beds, window boxes and benches. We have a wide range of wood working equipment from bench saws, sanders, drills and impact drivers. All such tools are used under one-to-one supervision in the workshop, and we ensure everyone who wants to get involved is included and play their part in whatever is being produced that day.

Some of the products we make we intend to sell at local markets and events and eventually via our online shop to raise vital funds for Acorn.