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Who do you provide care & support to?

As part of our Charities objectives, we  aim to provide care and support to people with a learning disability within North Yorkshire and surrounding areas. We deliver this care and support either at our farm on within peoples own homes. When working in peoples own homes, we operate a supported living model. Unfortunately at this time, we do not offer  domiciliary style care (example: 1 hour calls).

Do we employ bank or Relief staff?

Yes we do and would encourage anyone wishing to be a bank/relief member of staff to contact us via our Careers page. Although we have found that most people that join us quickly move on as contracted members of the team

What days of the week is the Day service at the farm available?

Mondays to Fridays. We offer a bespoke service to anyone wishing to attend to ensure that their needs are met.

How can I access the services that you offer either for myself or a family member?

We have a number of routes people can access our services. The most common route is via their assigned social worker or other funding authorities.

Do I need to pay for this service?

We have a number of people accessing our services from either funding received via the relevant funding authority; Direct payments or self-funded individuals.

Do I need qualifications to work as a Support Worker?

Initially no, as our recruitment and selection process is very much values based. We can train someone to be a good support worker, we can’t train someone to be a good human (we believe this comes pre-built). We expect all our support workers to achieve the care certificate as a minimum during their first 12 weeks at works. We then have various opportunities to gain relevant national qualifications that are suitable to a persons role.