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Our People

Our People

Ashley's Story

I’ve been coming to Acorn for 12 years, since I left school. When I first came I really struggled and could get stressed but I really liked the people here
Our People

Ben's Story

I started coming to Acorn a lot of years ago. I am always busy with lots of jobs. My favourite job is driving the little tractor and cutting the grass. I love all the animals here especially Higgins, one of the dogs. So much happens here and I like seeing my friends. My best friend is Ashley.
Our People

Kris's Story

I am a musician and make my own music. There are instruments at Acorn that I can play. I like technology too and I make models for computer games.
Our People

Ben A's Story

I first started my journey at Acorn Community Care in 2009, this was at the day service with two new support workers Dave & Jo (they are both still working for Acorn today)

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Anon Social worker for Ryedale

Anon Social Worker for Ryedale

“I have found that both the care staff, and management within Acorn all work towards ensuring that the individual’s they support are truly achieving their personal goals. The team empower the individual’s they support, giving them a voice and the confidence to speak up for themselves. Acorn have ensured they do not follow a one size fits all policy when it comes to supporting individuals. Each individual they support is involved in ensuring their package of care meets their needs and is what they want, an example of this is allowing the individual to have involvement in the recruitment process for their team. It is wonderful to see how Acorn has grown over the years to now being somewhere that adults with additional needs can be supported in a person centred way to achieve independence.”

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Dr Julian Whaley – Consultant in Psychiatry of Learning Disabilities

“Acorn Community Care are Gold Standard for Supported Living Services.  People are always treated respectfully and valued for who they are. In turn, that makes my role more straightforward as I can place trust in what I am being informed of. I think particularly for autistic people, it is rare for support teams to understand them so well.”

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J. M

Matthew enjoys his time at Acorn.  The staff are very obliging and easy to talk to and take into consideration the needs of the individual they are with. There is a wide range of things to do like caring for animals and making new enclosures for them.  Matty likes making kindling because he can listen to the radio.  He has a walk each afternoon and can get a drink of coke.  He comes home each day happy and full of beans.

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We’d like to say..

Acorn Community really do care about everything they do. Jordan is at the centre of a truly amazing wrap around care package.

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My son has become part of a developing community care charity which for some years provided day care for him twice a week. Acorns provided a level of support beyond expectation whilst my son lived with me for 5 months; I simply do not know how I would have coped without their commitment in terms of practical care issues and emotional support.

Acorns created a home for Tom which identified the facilities he needed specific to him.  He has become a very happy member of what feels like a thriving and developing community where he is valued for his individuality as are other service users.

Management’s vision creates imaginative projects in which they work alongside staff, carers and service users to bring a sense of purpose and satisfaction to all those involved; being part of a team they work together with positivity and volunteers are keen to join in activities which are not just beneficial but bring fun (and laughter) to ‘life on the farm’ in what is a safe and life enhancing environment.

I feel extraordinarily lucky that in the midst of a family crisis Acorn Community Care went above and beyond in their endeavours to support us; in creating a lovely home where my son would feel safe and happy they brought me a peace of mind.

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When my son first went to Acorn 3 years ago he was struggling to say the least.  From that first day he was supported, validated, and kept safe whilst being encouraged to grow in confidence and abilities.  He loves Acorn, feels part of the team, and is allowed to be himself.  I cannot praise and thank the Acorn staff enough for doing what they do every day.

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Mr B. Supported Living

I like all the staff. I love coming to the farm. I get to try new things and spend time with animals.

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Mr F. Day Service

It’s a very good place. Nice staff and I love spending time with my friends. I come to day services five days a week and wouldn’t change it for the world.