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Ruth Holliday

Trustee Advocate

I have 39 years’ experience of supporting people with learning difficulties, mainly in a Day Service setting.

As well as a founding member of the charity, I attend the charity’s Trustee meetings. At Trustee meetings my role is to support Steve and Toby with some of the decisions they need to make as part of their role of governing the Charity.

When Steve and Toby receive the agenda, we read through together the minutes of the last meeting to familiarise ourselves with what has been decided, before looking ahead at what is going to be discussed at the next meeting.

Steve and Toby enjoy their role as Trustees and have contributed over the years to moving the Charity forward by attending all meetings.  I have accompanied them on the Trustee Training Day in Newcastle in 2019, where they enjoyed meeting other Trustee representing charities from all over the country.