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Toby Bell


I have been a volunteer at Acorn for over 19 years and Acorn is like being part of one big family! Being part of Acorn has given me so much confidence and it is that confidence that helped me to accept the role of a Trustee when I was approached by Chris just over 8 years ago. I am originally from Hampshire, but I moved to Germany with my family as my dad was in the Army and moved back to this country in the late 1980’s and settled in the York and then Ryedale area.

As a Trustee and a volunteer, I found this has helped me speak up for what I and others want to see happen and made me realise ‘I have a voice and I am listened to. It has also enabled me to share with other people who come to Acorn, what ideas and plans the Trustee Group have been talking about at the meetings. I can report back by telling the other Trustees what people think and if they are enjoying what they do at Whinflower Hall Farm.

In my volunteer role, I work at the Farm 2 days a week. I enjoy working in the Welding and Forging workshop, shaping horseshoes from the racing yards into artwork and being as creative as I can.  I like to work with the animals at the farm, my favourites are the pigs!  I help move the animal feeds into the store barns and repair any fencing that needs doing … people call me the human JCB, as I am very strong!